During the time spent manufacturing our own brand of outerwear, we began to recognize the need for sustainable, high-quality fabrics not normally found in the communities we serviced. In order to further satisfy the needs of our customers’ winter wear demands, we repurposed our knowledge and expertise towards developing and distributing a continually expanding range of materials - made with the highest standards of design, quality, and innovation.

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4" (inch), lightweight, chainette-style Fringe Trim Decorative trim - ideal for clothing,... 

Cotton - Floral

A varied collection of floral themed prints on absorbent, breathable Cotton Selected... 

Rik Rak - New Colours - Grouping


Modern dyes on classic fabrics allows us to reach a boundless spectrum of color - it may seem a bit overwhelming - but we're here to help you find what you need!

Check out the wide selection in our Rik Rak department!

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Sinew Thread Colours Group

New Sinew Thread

Colourful pre-waxed, synthetic thread - ideal for stitching leather, but can be used in beading and weaving projects for durability - designed to bring your crafting to the next level

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Our Exlusive Commander® Solid Colours Selection - over 50+ colours to choose from!